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The UDI is any software (or process) used to format and load data into the school user directory.  However, the Ministry of Education has funded the development of a reference implementation that can take the flexible IDE CSV file format, and import this into a variable school user directory structure.
This software is an OpenSource extension of an existing comprehensive LDAP administration tool phpldapadmin, called the UDI.  

Aside from all the features of phpldapadmin as a configurable, and generic web based LDAP administration tool (written in PHP).  The additional features are:
  • Configuration interface for mapping CSV file format to LDAP directory structure, and user attribute layout
  • Configuration interface for LDAP group membership mapping
  • Job control
  • Configuration version management
  • File upload interface with table control for interactive processing
  • File integrity checking and pre run validation
  • User deactivation
  • Undo deactivation facility
  • User deletions
  • Plugin interface for customising the create/update/delete process
  • File-system logging plugin
  • Administrator email notifications plugin
  • Password generation algorithms (further plugins)
  • User Id generation algorithms (further plugins)
  •  Password reset & password recovery kiosk
  •  Custom schema integration
  •  User custom creation/update templates combining MLEP Schema with standard LDAP schemas
  • Background interface processor - schedule for regular updates
The OpenSource project is hosted on Gitorious  (download here) with the public bug tracking on LaunchPad .

In the spirit of OpenSource, bug reports and patches are welcome!

User Directory Schema requirements
In order to import the new user attributes from the IDE CSV export format, a User Directory schema needs to be imported, that define the new attribute structures.  This is the MLEP Schema, and the configuration import files and instructions are available here.