Services that are supported

Already supporting SSO via SAML 2.0
  1. Google Apps for Education
  2. MyPortfolio (eportfolio system)
  3. Moodle (learning management system)
  4. Ultranet (learning management system)
  5. KnowledgeNET (learning management system)
  6. Access-It (library management system)
  7. Koha (library management system)
  8. etv (recorded tv and streaming media)
  9. Spike@School (website and learning caves)
  10. Oliver (library management system)
  11. My Career Space (from Careers NZ)
  12. School-Links (school - home communications): 12/9/11 Seeking trial schools
  13. DreamCatcher (careers planning): 12/9/11 Seeking trial schools
  14. MyClasses (learning management system): 12/9/11 Seeking trial schools
  15. StatusNet (micro blogging)
  16. PC School (student management system): 4/10/11 Seeking trial school
  17. WordPress (blogging system)
  18. Sumdog (maths games)
  19. Who will be nineteenth? (see below)

Already supporting SSO via OpenID

  1. Plumi (video sharing)
  2. WikiEducator (open education resources)
  3. Pligg (social publishing)
  4. Drupal (content management system)
  5. Microsoft SharePoint
  6. FaceBook
  7. WordPress
  8. Blogger
  9. Twitter
  10. Flickr
  11. SlideShare

Wish list for SSO support

    1. Best Choice (chemistry tuition): 5/5/12 Work completed and ready to test
    2. eTAP (student management system): 16/11/11 SAML work almost complete
    3. Study Ladder (resources): 16/11/11 Work has started, expected 2012
    4. SuperClubsPLUS: 16/11/11 Work has started, expected January 2012
    5. Clickview: Oct '11 GM indicated that support is likely by early 2012. 
    6. KAMAR (student management system): 16/11/11 Work starting in Term 4 2011, expected 2012
    7. NZCER Marking30/07/11 Vendor has agreed to implement SSO, expected during 2012
    8. EPIC (journal and resource subscription): 16/11/11 Technical design underway
    9. GCSN and NEAL: 18/7/11 Vendor has agreed to implement SSO
    10. Liggins Senior Biology Seminars: 18/7/11 Met with vendor and they have agreed to work with us
    11. e-asTTle: 16/11/11 Under consideration by the e-asTTle team for SSO support
    12. SchoolSMART. 16/11/11 Under consideration by the SchoolSMART team for SSO support
    13. Zen Desk (help desk system): 17/8/11 One school and a vendor exploring the possibilities
    14. 365: 6/9/11 Met with vendor. Seems quite easy. Do schools use this and want it?
    15. TKI Communities: 20/8/11 SSO via ESAA only
    16. Web MUSAC (student management system): 13/8/11 Not the highest priority for vendor at this stage
    17. Journal Surf: 18/7/11 Met with vendor; may yet need more requests from schools
    18. Mathletics: 20/8/11 Active discussions with vendor to determine how it might/could work
    19. Live@edu: 18/7/11 No progress yet; may require more requests from schools
    20. Atomic Learning: Feb 2011 No progress yet; may require more requests from school
    21. Khan Academy (maths tuition): 22/8/11 Approached vendor (three times) but no answer yet.
    22. Leadspace: 17/11/11 Over to the Ministry to decide
    23. SchoolSmart: 17/11/11 Over to the Ministry to decide
    24. ENROL: 17/11/11 Over to the Ministry to decide
    25. Novopay: 17/11/11 Over to the Ministry to decide

                                                  Have your say on what else should offer SSO

                                                  And if the service you want is not yet supporting SSO (so either on the wish list already and more support might nudge it over the ine or not yet even on the wish list) then please have your say on this page.